Monday, 18 October 2010


As the monsoon rains washed away many a fun seeking Londoner from the streets one weekend, a group of geeks celebrated the first official D.A. meeting of the London HQ with special guests from Ireland.

Of course, a regular restaurant would not do for such an auspicious occasion and so the group descended on Inamo's in Soho. As we sat, confusion reigned on the brightly lit faces of anyone who had not read up on the restaurant beforehand, as well as fascination. "Where are our menus? What is all this.....stuff projected on the tables? Oooh, what does this button do?!"

The interactive table top @ Inamo

(Many thanks to bluejester for letting me nick his pic)

Weirdly anti-social in a social way, some began a highly competitive game of battleships, while another was spying on the chefs toiling away in the kitchen, and others were experimenting with the projected décor. Food was largely forgotten until our stomachs grumbled their protest and so we began going through the food and drink menus. Cleverly designed to target a hungry and impressionable mob such as ourselves, large projections of delicious food appeared whenever our indecisive fingers lingered on any item in particular.

Finally choosing the unagi nigiri (eel sushi), soft shell crab maki rolls and black cod marinated in miso, I ordered via the tabletop and watched the action in the kitchen in anticipation.

When it arrived I took a little time out to convince the more 'strange food weary' of us to try a little eel, before stuffing my face. The eel was yummy enough to convince them that the strangeness was worth the taste (or maybe they were being polite!), and the soft shell crab was satisfyingly just crunchy enough. The black cod was so tender it fell apart once poked with chopsticks, and delicious.

Coconut Pana Cotta @ Inamo

Remembering the crème brûlée I had there previously, I couldn't leave without having dessert (stuffed as I was) so again I consulted the table and ordered a coconut pana cotta which finished the meal nicely.

Waddling home was made all the more interesting with the massive rivers of water flowing through the streets of Soho, but little more than a squeal of complaint was heard, as we had had good food, good company, and much dossing. lol

Happy eating,