Monday, 31 October 2011

Hayley Fuller's Cakes

 Happy Halloween everyone! :)

Halloween Barbie Cake by Hayley Fuller- made of 3 marbled cake layers

At our office *chomp* we're rather spoiled by the lovely Hayley and her nomnom-worthy baked goodies. Occasionally *munch*, she brings in a cake and we circle like vultures until there are mere crumbs left. *gobble*

Now, all you lucky people can order your own bespoke cake - Hayley makes custom ordered stuff like KFC-shaped cupcakes, Angry Birds gamescapes, as well as more traditional cupcakes and birthday cakes.

If you've got any questions/requests, her email is

Happy eating,


Wednesday, 19 October 2011


"When you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both."
- Urban Dictionary

Monday, 17 October 2011

Experimental Food Society

Apologies, but I have at least one more post before writing about normal food again!

This one is about the Experimental Food Society. I wish I knew more about it - it seems to be a combination of food and art, two loves of mine. However its not entirely clear if all of what is created is actually meant to be eaten!

They have an Experimental Food Society Spectacular this weekend starting Friday 21st October at the Truman Brewery. I might pop by the exhibition (£5) but alas my budget at the moment doesn't stretch to attend the banquet (£60) which I'm sure will look and taste fantabulous.

If someone does go, be sure to take lots of pics and report back! :)

Happy eating,


Update (28/10/2011):

So, I did end up going on the Saturday for the exhibition! It didn't have quite as much to see as I had expected (I think I went at the wrong time since there was a lot more in the papers than I remember seeing!) but what was there was pretty good. I didn't get to taste any of it since I doubt the artists (/chefs?) would have appreciated bite marks on their works of art so I just took pics instead:

Pretty, edible flowers by Rosalind Miller 

Rosalind Miller hard at work

Gothic Chocolate House by Paul Wayne Gregory

Scott O'Hara with his sugar eagle

 Look closely in between the two halves - didn't notice that at the time!!!

A fellow food enthusiast poking the Dodo cake by Michelle Wibowo to see its its real

I'd be quite cosy in this! No mortgage required, just a sweet tooth.

Chocolate Train by Carl Warner, photographer - he also had a collection of his 'foodscapes' at the exhibition 

 My favourite - a Curly Wurly Eiffel Tower by Paul Baker

 Teeny tiny cupcakes :)

I'm not actually sure what this is - but it was fascinating none the less!

Hand-shaped baked goods

Other highlights that I didn't get to take a picture of included edible clothes, camel milk ice cream, medicinal marshmallows, and baked goods even teenier than the cupcakes pictured above - they were baked in quails eggs!

I wonder how the banquet was?!

Happy eating,