Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Ranoush Juice

Having just moved our offices this week to Marble Arch, I've been overcome with excitement about revisiting all the restaurants I used to love going to when I lived much closer to that area. So apologies if my posts are going to be West End themed for a while! God help both my wallet and my waistline.

I didn't think I had favourites really - but since I chose Ranoush Juice on Edgware Rd for the first day of lunch in the area without thinking twice about it, it must be my favourite!

I have only ever got one thing in this place. Nope, not even tried the juice - I have the lamb shawarma to take away. It's pretty much like a doner kebab, but all rolled up in paper. As you eat, you rip more of the paper off. Make sure you start at the twisted end.

The reason I have it to take away is because this is not something you eat in polite company, including the staff there! Layers and layers of juicy meaty goodness smothered in sauce with pickle and salad. Someone pointed out to me while I was vaguely listening that they use 'real' meat as opposed to the processed stuff you often get.

I'm not going to lie; it gets messy. I have never not got some on myself. The sauce and juice from the meat drips everywhere. It also has fresh onions galore in it. Not the place for a first (second, or third) date! But it is so fucking fantastic I have eaten two in a row a few times. NOM!

Happy eating,


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  1. *ahem* please excuse my french. I got a little excited there.