Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Brass Rail, Selfridges

I did warn you that I would be writing about West End lunch places a bit more for the time being!

Sooooo......I stumbled across this place a few years ago, having shopped till I almost dropped - not in Selfridges, mind - I wish!

Located in the food hall section, The Brass Rail is hot salt beef heaven. According to their website, the carver Saj has been with them for over 33 years! That is a dedicated beef carver right there folks.

A bit pricy - I would expect to pay around £8 for a full sandwich & gherkin. However, my stomach is a bit bigger than most, and many people are happy to settle for the half-sandwiches they sell for around a fiver.

Soft and tasty, the foccacia bread is the tried and tested best bread to wrap up the falling-apart-tender hot salt beef with hot English mustard. Having gone there a number of times now I have begun to brave the odd looks from the carver to ask for my gherkin to be put into the sandwich. The final result being the most incredibly juicy and droolworthy sandwich ever, devoured in moments.

Keep up the good work Saj!

Full hot salt beef sandwich with gherkin, The Brass Rail

Happy eating,



  1. This sounds too delicious - it probably wasn't a good idea to read this so close to lunch time when all I have to look forward to is a salad, it just doesn't compare!

  2. Its contagious it seems - after reading your comment and having lunch plans postponed, that's where I ended up today!!!

    Note: Don't read blog when hungry :)